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Central Asia Oil & Gas
Meet the Supplier

1-2 September, 2017
Karamay, China

Our OGMTB are designed to offer effective and efficient working practices. They are suitable for groups with active supply chain and projects needs to discuss.

Our OGMTB is simple:

  • We invite active Buyers to attend

  • We ask about upcoming projects and the types of Suppliers required

  • We source and invite relevant Suppliers to attend

  • You choose relevant Suppliers to meet with

Why a OGMTB Works

  • Focused

    The OGMTB works because it is so focused and everybody is under one roof. You have specific meetings with Suppliers you choose that can provide exactly what you’re looking for. Our OGMTB enables you to sort out project requirements quickly  and efficiently, it could take you months to schedule in so many relevant meetings amongst normal working commitments.

    You provide a list of what you need, we then source those Suppliers for you to meet.

  • Relationships

    At each of our OGMTB the cross pollination of different sectors coming together in one Industry event offers a healthy perspective by providing opportunities to understand, discuss, learn and benefit your own business and developments from other ways of working.

    Networking amongst industry peers isactively encouraged at the event both through the business meetings and variousevent networking functions.

  • Efficient

    With a wide pre-qualified range of Suppliers in the room selling products and services relevant to your business needs, the OGMTB affords you a time efficient sourcing and procurement opportunity.

    Limited numbers of Suppliers per product category are allowed to attend the event, so you will get a good variety of suppliers without being inundated with people trying to sell you the samething.

  • Exclusive

    Places at our Event Platforms are strictly limited, therefore if you want to maximise your opportunity to find the right products and services for your business, choose your event and book your placetoday.

Standard Event Itinerary


09:00-09:30      Welcome Speech

09:45-10:00      Coffee Break

10:00-11:45      Meeting in progress

12:00-13:30      Lunch

13:00-15:30      Meeting in progress

15:30-16:00      Coffee Break

16:00-17:00      Meeting in progress

18:00-20:00      Dinner